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Saturday morning links and notes -- Blackburn speaks about Henry signing

Antwan Odom is back, and ready. "I'm 100 percent now. It feels good. I'll definitely be ready. It's a good matchup (with Gaither). He's big and athletic and has some good hands. He's wide and broad. I've just got to get around him."

It's Ochocinco, not Ocho Cinco, or Ocho-Cinco, writes the PFT boys, via a Smoking Gun post that got their hands on the legal document regarding Chad's name change. Florio also writes that it's setting a bad precedence when a player changes his name.

Offensively, the Bengals aren't worried with Willie Anderson on the Ravens active roster, or tight end Nate Lawrie with the team's practice squad. "We already had to revise everything anyway, things we did offensively," (head coach Marvin) Lewis said. "We started the game plan on Monday, so basically that's not a big worry. There are things we did revise and change and knew we had to do. Our offensive players have made the adjustment. We talked with (quarterback) Carson (Palmer) Sunday night, and he started to make the revisions Sunday night with the offensive coaches."

Is the Bengals front office "out of touch"?

James Walker is in the minority when predicting this weekend's game between the Bengals and Ravens. He predicts that the Ravens will beat the Bengals 16-14. Somehow, I'm not surprised.

It's now or never for head coach Marvin Lewis.

Katie Blackburn speaks about signing Chris Henry.

CBS is suing the NFL Players Association, after the NFLPA threatened to sue CBS for... wait for it, STATS.


Why is it so god damn hard for people to spell Cincinnati? Apparently the geniuses of a freaking college can't even do it.

Ohio University players say it's a "dream come true" to play in Columbus.