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Saturday afternoon links and notes -- Willie Anderson didn't want to be a Bengal, hence why he's cut

Since there's a break between the Ohio State University's scary 26-14 win over Ohio University and before the University of Cincinnati Bearcats kickoff against Oklahoma, I figured we'd run another round of links and notes.

Willie Anderson just didn't want to play with the Bengals anymore. "They didn't cut me because I couldn't play. They cut me because I said I didn't want to play there anymore. After 13 years, you get tired of dealing with nonfootball issues." Which, in the end, makes sense with Lewis' less than happy responses to questions regarding Anderson.

Baltimore Sun's Bill Ordine says that in order for the Ravens to beat the Bengals, they must protect Joe Flacco by good conservative play calling and forcing the rush -- whether it works or not.

The Ravens must also pressure Carson Palmer and limit turnovers.

On Fountain Square, at 11 a.m. Sunday Morning, the city will host a party for Bengals fans.

It seems that Carson Palmer has a blog on Delta's web site.

Palmer is very popular among his teammates.