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Mort: Houshmandzadeh stays, Johnson on the move?

During ESPN's NFL Countdown, Tom Jackson and Chris Mortensen played a little game, a wheel of fortune style that forecasted the futures of several players that could be on the move this offseason. The "wheel" landed on the receiver combination of Chad Johnson and T.J. Houshmandzadeh.

The general thinking is that Houshmandzadeh will bail for free agency, and the Bengals will be left with Johnson, who recorded his worst season to date that wasn't his rookie year.

Mortensen said that the Bengals will keep Houshmandzadeh and axe Chad Johnson. Whether it's a trade, or cutting him outright, Mort believes that the Bengals will find a way to let Johnson go regardless. He doesn't cite any sources, or any of that; merely speculation on what we presume is an educated judgment.