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Andrews surgery went well, begins rehab

Stacy Andrews' surgery went well, and the (for now) Bengals right tackle will start focusing on his recovery and rehab, writes Joe Reedy. We're not sure if Andrews will be helped by the Bengals training staff, but knowing the Bengals knack for injuries, or complete misdiagnosis (see Chris Perry, Levi Jones, Peter Warrick), he's probably going to opt out training with the team.

However, in fairness, after Palmer's disastrous shot by Kimo Von Oelhoffen during a 66-yard pass to Chris Henry during on the second Bengals offensive play during the 2005 Wild Card game, which ironically enough, won the Steelers a Super Bowl, Palmer was able to play by the third preseason game, eight months later. While most of his recovery had a lot to do with personal dedication, the training staff went a long way to help him in that recovery. So maybe Andrews won't opt out training with the team.

As for re-signing back with the Bengals, we're fairly convinced, not with any "inside knowledge", that the Bengals will offer Andrews a one-year minimum deal (read low-ball). The low offer allows the Bengals to sustain depth, while Andrews gets a prove-it deal. On the other hand, I highly doubt that the Bengals will simply give Andrews his right tackle spot after allowing 9.5 sacks last season, with an overpowering need to rebuilding their line. In order to get playing time so he can get that payday deal again, he'll likely have to sign some place else where offensive line problems require silly one-year deals. Again, the Bengals? Aaaha.