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Let the Houshmandzadeh speculation commence

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I'm taking for granted that most of you know the situation (tag him, long term deal, or adios). While "negotiations" occur, and the Bengals might accidentally learn that a franchise tag could be advantageous for negotiations, other bloggers and media are starting to list their position shortages. The Bengals don't have many players other teams would like, but there is a certain wide receiver that's well known to hit the free agency market; others are taking notice.

Jaxon looks at Houshmandzadeh as a free agent the Panthers should look at.

Houshmandzadeh could be a big name in San Francisco, however, Fooch advises the young players are coming along.

Matt Barrows says Houshmandzadeh is made for the 49ers offense.

David Climer "prays" the Titans go after Houshmandzadeh, calling him a difference-maker.

Sean Jensen writes that Houshmandzadeh would be the consistent target that the Vikings need.

Even the Bills could use help, though no one expects them to compete during negotiations.

With all that said, Glenn Holt weighs in saying that "he expects the Bengals to sign receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh to a new deal."