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Breaking down Bengals coach Marvin Lewis' record against opponents

After Tony Dungy announced his retirement on Monday, we broke down Lewis' record against teams, divisions and conferences. We tried to do trivia, but that didn't work out; then again, most sites with trivia actually have a way to see your score anonymously without answering in the comments potentially embarrassing oneself.

First, let's answer the trivia.

Which of the following non-division teams has scored the most wins against the Marvin Lewis Bengals? The choices were the Colts, Patriots, Broncos, Chiefs and Bills. Since 2003, the Bengals have played the Bills four times, each one a loss. After a 2003 game ended with an overtime loss, the Bills have scored at least 10 points or more in each of their last three wins over Cincinnati.

Which NFC West team have the Bengals failed to beat during the Marvin Lewis era? The Bengals beat the Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers in 2003. They also beat the St. Louis Rams in 2007. However, in two tries, the Marvin Lewis Bengals have never beaten the Arizona Cardinals.

Which non-division AFC team have the Bengals beaten the most? Since 2003, the Bengals have faced the Kansas City Chiefs five times -- the most of any non-division conference opponent. In those five games, the Bengals won three times. Pretty surprising when you consider that neither team has won back-to-back games against each other since the mid-80s.

Which AFC division, not including the AFC North, have the Bengals scored the most wins? This was a collection of wins against a division within the conference that didn't include the AFC North, which the Bengals have 18 wins (and 18 losses). Since 2003, aided by their wins against the Chiefs, the Bengals have six wins against the AFC West; five wins against AFC South teams and three wins against AFC East teams (two against the Dolphins).

Which NFC division have the Bengals recorded the most wins? Alternatively, the Bengals have have won five games and tied once, against the NFC East since 2003, compiling a .786 winning percentage; their second winningest record against NFC divisions. They are still undefeated against the NFC North having played the division only once during that timeframe -- 4-0 in 2005. Against the NFC South the Bengals are 2-2 and 3-5 against the NFC West.

More Stuff.

There are only six teams left that the Marvin Lewis Bengals haven't beaten yet.

  • Buffalo Bills (0-4)
  • New England Patriots (0-3)
  • Indianapolis Colts (0-3)
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-1)
  • Atlanta Falcons (0-1)
  • Arizona Cardinals (0-2)

Teams that the Marvin Lewis Bengals are undefeated against.

  • Miami Dolphins (2-0)
  • Philadelphia Eagles (1-0-1)
  • Washington Redskins (2-0)
  • All of the NFC North (1-0)
  • New Orleans Saints (1-0)
  • Carolina Panthers (1-0)

Against the AFC North

  • Cleveland Browns (8-4)
  • Baltimore Ravens (7-5)
  • Pittsburgh Steelers (3-9)

Note: This data was compiled by me, so errors could exist. These are not from any official site. I did it the old fashion way; scanning each game and throwing all the results into an Excel Spreadsheet. If there are errors, please let us know.