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"We're turning on each other"

Paul Daugherty wrote that Detroit has nothing compared to Cincinnati -- who is apparently the leader of martyr fans with non-directional professional sports teams. He writes, "Frankly, I'm feeling disrespected by our lack of disrespect. I'm tired of Cincinnati not getting the discredit it deserves. No one beats us for futile teams or suffering fans or unrequited, Charlie Brown love."

Mo Egger points out the comments of the article saying that "We're turning on each other. Every day it's Bengals fan v. Bengals fan or UC guy v. UC guy. The losing is making us turn on ourselves." In truth, its been that way for awhile. Some fans, most of whom have remained far away from this site, will demean, insult and attack other Bengals fans who may hold a more optimistic view of things. Many fans, I've been reading, simply use bullying comments, derogatory insults, against fans that would simply like to do their own thing; which might include buying tickets and/or merchandise.

So if you're a father, and would like to take your son to an NFL game for the experience, have your shields up, your armor fastened. Other Bengals fans hate you; they'll be on the prowl, looking to call you an idiot because the pixie dust of change that one cold Winter morning that will dictate all sorts of fuzzy warm Christmas presents will be delayed, once again.

Moving on.

James Walker's Voice of the People is missing one. We're not sure if Bengals fans aren't writing to him any longer, if he's making a funny, or if it's just a pointless exercise, but it continues our affirmation that ESPN's AFC North blog is primarily a three-team blog.

Stripe Hype readers extend Michael Oher's lead as the Bengals likely sixth pick. The Football Expert agrees.

Give the offense a chance to succeed, writes WhoDey Fans.

Season ticket renewal letters went out for the 2009 season to club seat holders. Speaking of letters, Andrew Simon responded to Dan Rooney's letter that originally responded to WDR's first letter to the fraternity of owners and Chancellor Goodell -- who, by extension, is apart of the same fraternity, doing as owners wish.

More on team injuries. "In the annual injury survey conducted by NFL maven Rick "Goose" Gosselin of The Dallas Morning News, the Bengals defense lost 44 games to starters, second only to the 46 of AFC finalist Baltimore."

This weekends AFC Conference Championship game includes 12 former players and coaches that came from the University of Cincinnati.

Sports of Boston thinks that Marvin Lewis should have been fired, long ago, as the head coach of the "Cincinatti Bengals".

Teammates would welcome Plaxico Burress back.