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Ol' Darnay Scott hasn't been doing so well after football

Ol' Darnay Scott. Remember him? I do. Man, he could catch the deep pass, thrown with an arch-like pass from Jeff Blake. Throw it up, Scott comes down with it. Scott was drafted in the second round by the Bengals in the 1994 NFL Draft. Through his first five seasons, Scott averaged 826 yards receiving with 27 total touchdowns. In his sixth season, Scott caught a career high 68 receptions, for 1,022 yards receiving. After breaking his leg before the 2000 season, Scott went on to cover the back of his baseball card, leaving for the Cowboys in the final season of his career. Pro Football Reference lists no fumbles in his career (we don't really believe that, but hey, it's not like Darnay Scott stats are everywhere).

Receptions Yards Touchdowns
408 6,193 37

Scott caught season-high touchdowns of 76, 88, 50, 77, 70 and 76. Of his 36 career touchdowns with Cincinnati, 22 came from quarterback Jeff Blake. It was a unique combination, I always thought. He was a deep threat, 19 touchdowns coming 30 yards or more. Before there was Chad Johnson, there was Darnay Scott. Ironically, because of Chad, there was no more Darnay.

However, Scott hit hard times, arrested and jailed on Tuesday, failing to pay child support; $54,813 worth. Listed as the Top Ten deadbeat dads by Hamilton County, Scott has been in trouble for a while.

Scott was arrested Oct. 3 – more than three months ago – by the U.S. Border Patrol and U.S. Customs at the San Ysidro, Calif., border as he was returning from Mexico, sheriff’s spokesman Steve Barnett said. Officials there noted the outstanding warrant Hamilton County had on Scott from 2005.

He has been in jail since then because he fought attempts to extradite him to Cincinnati.

He's definitely fumbled his post-football life.