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UPDATE III: Lewis doesn't comment on reported interest with Hue Jackson becoming new offensive coordinator

UPDATE III: No comment from Lewis. Geoff Hobson made his inquiries about this interesting gossip story, saying that its falling on deaf ears. "Lewis wouldn't comment per club policy, but with incumbent Bob Bratkowski still in place since the season ended and coaching in this game, it doesn't appear that Lewis looking for another coordinator."

Interestingly enough, Lewis' no comment isn't on par with disputed stories of the past. Usually, when a report like this is released, based on 100% speculation of a single sentence written at another city's newpaper, he'll laugh it up, say that it's way wrong. On the other hand, Lewis tends to deny everything until an official annoucement is made.

This could turn out to be an interesting week after all.

UPDATE II: Offensive Coordinator Brian Schottenheimer to stay. The New York Daily News reported last Thursday that Jets offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer will stay in New York. This means that if there's any truth to the Baltimore Sun's piece, that the Bengals would have an easy path acquiring Jackson if the team looks to replace their offensive coordinator. Paul Daugherty called Bob Bratkowski a Mike Brown favorite.

On the other hand, PFT wrote today that Schottenheimer is staying with the Jets. Typically new head coaches like to have their own coaches underneath them. However, this is being reported as fact by Sportsnet New York, which reported that one of the conditions that Rex Ryan becomes the head coach is that he keeps Brian Schottenheimer.

However, other outlets aren't so sure that Schottenheimer sticks around. Newday reports all that's known thus far. Washington Post says that it's unclear. Newsday simply says that Schottenheimer is the OC, so far.

We're keeping our eye on this, why? Well, again, if there's any truth to the Baltimore Sun's piece, then we have to keep our eye on the Jets situation. If the Bengals push for Jackson, then the Jets could wrench that depending on what they do with Schottenheimer (or what Schottenheimer wants). It was also once reported that if Schottenheimer didn't get the head coaching job, he'd request his release. However, Jets general manager, Mike Tannenbaum really likes Schottenheimer.

Our opinion? The Bengals replacing their offensive coordinator right now seems far fetched. If they wanted to replace him, then why not earlier? On the other hand, one that we really didn't think through, is that if the Bengals targeted Jackson earlier, then he wouldn't have been able to interview for the position while the Baltimore Ravens were deep in the playoffs. You're only allowed to interview with other teams, during the post-season, provided the position is for a head coaching spot. Now that the Ravens season is over, this is coming to light, which supports a truth that Lewis is looking into it.

Of course, then there's Mike Brown (sigh).

Original: Perhaps Bob Bratkowski isn't out of the woods just yet. The Baltimore Sun writes that head coach Marvin Lewis has expressed interest in former Bengals wide receivers coach as the team's offensive coordinator. Jackson is also being courted by Rex Ryan, the New York Jets' newest head coach.

If this is true, then we have to go back to the confusing circumstances regarding half time of the 2005 Wild Card game, in which Chad Johnson reportedly exploded, even taking a swing at Jackson. Then Shaun Smith, confirmed that Johnson gave Lewis a black eye, and missed on another swing at Jackson. Jackson denied everything.

Could the two co-exist? Perhaps if Jackson does join the Bengals coaching staff again, it could be a pre-text to letting Johnson go. In terms of one's personal future, if Jackson becomes an offensive coordinator, we'd put our money that he joins the New York Jets staff simply because it could be a nice stepping stone for head coaching ambitions. On the other hand, Jackson won't find another set of offensive skill-talent to play with than in Cincinnati.

UPDATE: Mike Florio writes that the Cincinnati Enquirer made a single sentence of the Baltimore Sun about the Lewis' interest in Jackson, into a full blown article. Florio writes, "because it’s now appearing in the Enquirer, it’s being regarded as the truth." We're not exactly sure if he's addressing readers and emailers who have cited the Enquirer piece as fact, or if he's addressing the Enquirer for reporting fact. We're going to assume that Florio is addressing the Enquirer, because PFT has always been very aggressive against the media.

Enquirer beat writer, Joe Reedy said nothing that the Baltimore Sun didn't, using key words that should be regarded as talk, not truth. Reedy writes: "Marvin Lewis' offseason hints about changes in the Bengals offense might include one other thing - a new coordinator."

Lewis has been very vague this off-season about what he means when he has declared that the Bengals offense will go through changes. Based on the Baltimore Suns' report, Reedy accurately added this into Lewis' vague description, using the key word "might".

Reedy continues: "The Baltimore Sun is reporting that Lewis is interested in pursuing Ravens quarterbacks coach and former Bengals assistant Hue Jackson to rejoin the team as offensive coordinator."

The wording that the Baltimore Sun used was: "Cincinnati coach Marvin Lewis could be interested in Jackson becoming Cincinnati's offensive coordinator."

Both used the word "interest" and both acknowledged the job would be the Bengals offensive coordinator. It was the Sun that reported this as "fact", Joe Reedy simply acknowledged it.

Again, we're not exactly sure Florio's point, who he's trying to address. If it's his readers and emailers, then so be it. If it's the Enquirer, then he's dead wrong.