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Monday afternoon links and notes

The Bengals are getting an up front view of outgoing seniors.

Bengals offensive line coach Paul Alexander was in "deep discussion" with Cal's center Alex Mack about the Senior Bowl depth chart, while possibly working at left guard. And USC linebacker Rey Maualuga would love to team up with outside linebacker Keith Rivers. I can't say I'd be disappointed, though my priority still sits with rebuilding the offensive line.

More wishing the Bengals were the Steelers, and more wishing that Carson Palmer was more like Big Ben. At first, I didn't mind that our division represented the Super Bowl. Now I'm not so sure, with all the wishy-washy hope to a god begging that we were an exact replica of the Steelers from top down. They have a lot of things we wish we had, no doubt. But what does it say when people hope to become their biggest rivals? What's next? Hoping to be the Cardinals?

The Bengals almost drafted Asante Samuel, twice, in the 2003 draft -- in the second and fourth rounds. Instead the Bengals drafted Eric Steinbach and Dennis Weathersby in those respective rounds.

Bleacher Report makes the suggestion that the Bengals should give up their first round pick and Domata Peko for Julius Peppers and a scrub.

Apparently Cedric Benson is just as bad as Chris Perry.