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More on Hue Jackson, Bengals reportedly down 40% and links and notes

The more we think about it, the more unlikely it is that Hue Jackson will be the Bengals' offensive coordinator come training camp. Maybe Marvin Lewis inquired, but speculation was that inquiry was about being a coordinator. Perhaps Lewis was just looking to add Jackson's wealth of knowledge and coaching experience into the offensive, possibly with the intention of giving Jackson a year of integration in case Bob Bratkowski is finally let go after 2009. You know, like a cover my ass type of deal. We just don't know. But we find it very hard to believe that the Bengals would fire a coordinator at this point; one that Daugherty wrote is a "Mike Brown favorite". Even if Brian Schottenheimer remains as the Jets coordinator, we're not certain that the Bengals bring him, and perhaps he doesn't want to come. Did we even think of that? Speculation is fun and all, makes for interesting fodder, but at this point, there's little reason to believe that even a hint of it is reality forecasted.

Who Dey Fans speculates that Jackson as the team's offensive coordinator is the "right thing".

WDR calls it answered prayers.

As estimated by an analyst from SportsOneSource, Bengals merchandise decreased from $108 million in 2007, to $64 million in 2008. That's a 40.7% decrease for a team that went 7-9 to 4-11-1 respectively. However, it's not just the Bengals that suffer; think local shops that make bank with Bengals gear. Name whatever you want, but if you disregard the economy's struggles for this, then you're simply not paying attention. And of the teams that see a spike in their sales, likely it's not just their fans contributing; rather a flood of other people looking to jump on Florida-bound bandwagons.

If Marvin Lewis leaves, then it's not likely the Bengals will generate interest; who wants to come here?

Louisville Center, Eric Wood, is generally listed between third to fifth ranked center in the upcoming draft. So why not take a Cincinnati kid? What about Conner Barwin?

Ethan Kilmer signed with the Miami Dolphins after being waived due to injury early in 2008.

Bears general manager on former Bears running back, Cedric Benson.

Levi Jones should be ready and healthy by mandatory minicamp in June. We've heard this before. His name was Rudi Johnson.