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New season of Lost starts tonight; Wednesday afternoon links and notes

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The new season of Lost starts tonight, in a three-hour extrava-freaking-ganza. First, the recap show -- a show that summarizes the show to this point, commonplace after lengthy breaks. Then, two hours of awesome new show goodness; hopefully shedding light as to where (or when) the island went, how did Locke die, what happened to the people on the raft, etc. When last season ended, Ben turned an ancient horizontal wheel, and the Island blipped out of existence and Ben was laying on a dirt road in Africa. Nuts. Anyway...

Larry Weisman of the USA Today releases the 17th annual All-Joe awards which honors the "overlooked, the overachievers, the hard-working guys named "Joe" (but not the Plumber) who don't grab the headlines." The Bengals have two represented. That's right, two! Guard Bobbie Williams and outside linebacker Rashad Jeanty.

Head coach Marvin Lewis is keeping an eye on the home town talent at the Senior Bowl.

For those of you that think Palmer hasn't been the same since his knee injury in 2006 (2005 playoffs), Don Banks says to you, "Palmer, in 2006, threw for more than 4,000 yards, had 28 touchdown passes and wound up going to the Pro Bowl, where he won the game's MVP award."

Linebacker Clint Sintim received extra work with a Bengals coach after the North's practice Monday afternoon.

Guard Andrew Whitworth is helping coach the North team.

Defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer is looking to upgrade/improve the front seven.

C Trent says it's a shame cornerback Mike Mickens had to bail from the Senior Bowl because of his knee injury, which would mean he would lose out on millions with an affected draft status. On the other hand, if Mickens falls beyond the third round, why not take a flyer? We need depth at cornerback, especially if Leon Hall or Johnathan Joseph fall to injury. It's not a top priority need, but it could be a steal too. (signed, Bearcats homer)

The idiocracy of NFL wide receivers.

Could Willie Anderson be a cap casualty in Baltimore?

Defensive tackles and outside linebackers gaining attention at Senior Bowl.