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Ken Zampese to be the Jets offensive coordinator if Schottenheimer leaves?

This little nugget about the Jets is very, well, surprising in that it's not really surprising. However, it seems like there's a lot riding on what happens with the Jets coaching staff, and how that trickles to us. Brian Schottenheimer, the New York Jets offensive coordinator, well liked with the Jets front office, is going to meet with Rex Ryan, the Jets newest head coach to see if they can work together -- aka, coexist. However, if he can't, it was generally assumed that Ravens coach Hue Jackson would join Ryan in New York. They had, after all, worked together for a time and Jackson has experience as an offensive coordinator and it's unlikely that Jackson would replace Cam Cameron unless Cameron were offered a new head coaching position.

Well, instead of Jackson, Adam Schefter reports that Ryan plans to hire Bengals quarterbacks coach Ken Zampese as the new offensive coordinator. It's surprising in one sense because we didn't hear much of that development, but it's not surprising to us that Zampese would be given the shot. Many of us had assumed and hoped that Zampese would get promoted eventually, becoming the next offensive coordinator.

Nothing has changed yet, but we'd assume we'll have more of an indication whether or not we'll have Zampese next season relatively soon.