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Chad Johnson to New York? Ravens linebackers, Arrington, and Oil Slick

A question was asked to James Walker on his blog if the Bengals had any chance at acquiring one of three Baltimore linebackers, Ray Lewis, Terrell Suggs or Bart Scott; all three are up for free agency. Walker says, in the best possible way without being insulting, that the Bengals are too cheap, and teams with the ability to buy rosters have a better shot; sense of urgency, or something like that. Urgency? What's that. We agree with Walker's assessment, knowing that the Bengals would rather keep developing within.

Giants fans don't like the unsubstantiated rumor that New York is considering a run at Chad Johnson with Plaxico Burress' "distraction" and free agency looming for Amani Toomer.

The 49ers could use T.J. Houshmandzadeh, but the Seattle Seahawks have expressed unconfirmed interest.

J.J. Arrington? writes that the Bengals are $22 million under the cap.

Leon Hall was one of the most consistent defenders, says defensive backs coach Kevin Coyle, and Johnathan Joseph expects to deliver in 2009... "Big-time".

Last off-season, I believed that all of Chad Johnson's acts, his verbal diatribes, were related to Drew Rosenhaus. Some believe that it's happening again, with Anquan Boldin this time.

The Bengals select Michael Oher in NFP's mock draft.