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It's not just about goodwill; it just makes business sense

Paul Daugherty inaccurately points out that Paul Brown Stadium is one of the major causes for Hamilton County's financial struggles. Not that millions of lost jobs in the past month, depleting state-wide funds (some states claiming bankruptcy) because of a massive federal deficit has anything to do with it. Daugherty's final point is that "It's not Mike's problem. He could offer some of the solution, though." What incentive does Mike Brown have offering anyone anything? He's blasted, torn down, cursed out, publicly shamed and made fun of by people in the same county. Where's the incentive? Goodwill? Please. As soon as he did something like that, the "goodwill" goes unnoticed, and if it's not forgotten, it's too little too late in the minds of Hamilton County residents. We're not defending Brown -- we rarely do. But it wouldn't surprise me if that were his thought process.

Personally, we agree with Daugherty, but not for the sake of goodwill. It just makes financial sense to us. Helping the county helps residents and fans alike with more money to spend casually with additional prospect increasing the franchise's revenue benefits the team more than doing nothing. Goodwill is nice and all, and is too often a forgotten quality. However, helping the county helps Brown because it helps more people buy more things. There. You have a logical, business sense reason that would be more appealing.