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We're on Twitter now; hells fury, we're catching up

OK, so we're looking to think about increasing awareness of our little Bengals site amongst the crowded digital social networks. We haven't gone the Facebook, MySpace root just yet -- primarily because I'm one of those type of people that hates mainstream popular stuff -- but we have included ourselves in the Twitter network.

But what is Twitter? My uncle called it Instant Messaging on Steroids. Accessibility, usability, connectivity are a few things that people say that's good about it. To be honest, all we see is a bunch of feeds and less-than 140 character messages to buddies.

So if you want to "connect" via Twitter, go here. Disregard the sky blue background for now. It was the default. I. Swear. To. God. We're still tweaking Twitter -- say that 30 times in a row.