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CincyJungle is looking to "hire"; is that you?

We here at CincyJungle pride ourselves on being as fair, diverse, and as dynamic as possible; such as going against mainstream thinking, or promoting an ideal or thought that's perhaps not popular in an effort to understand the "other side". Opinions and fan participation is what drives us and we enjoy what we do immensely. Sometimes things get a little lull because I'm busy with "work" or just not good at creating conversation, and that just can't happen; not during the off-season when our minds sizzle like fried eyes and our fingers are painfully frozen because we chipped ice off our cars for over an hour.

With that said, we're looking for new writers that can fill in for us (me) that provides provides a strong opinion without offending Andrew Dice Clay, or finding ways to make good conversation and, god forbid, clean debates. So we're hiring. Not in the sense that we can open up Swiss Bank accounts, handing you seven digit numbers with no names attached to them. But we're looking for writers. If you can write, have a strong opinion, are able to post a full feature article (at least comparative to my full feature three paragraph articles) at least once a week, willing to do it for free (for now), like to debate with other writers for featured posts, have an unabashed love for the Cincinnati Bengals, then send me your "resume" to joshkirkendall [at] gmail [dot] com. Hating Mike Brown is not a prerequisite; however having a man-crush on Carson Palmer is.

We're also on the lookout for moderators; people that are godly like in that they are only answerable to me. God. All they'd do is make sure everything conforms to the forum rules that I tend to be lax on, and of those that of you that join me everyday would be ideal for the spot.

Remember, email me at joshkirkendall [at] gmail [dot] com if you're interested with the subject line, "No, Kitty, you can't have my pot pie."