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Lewis doesn't give a ringing endorsement of Levi Jones

A variety of topics were discussed Wednesday as Lewis met with Cincinnati Bengals beat writers. When asked about Levi Jones, head coach Marvin Lewis hardly gives Jones a ringing endorsement.

"Well, Levi’s signed and he’s undergoing some physical things as well, right now, but you know, I’m not really going to effectively help us right now to sit here and go position-by-position with where we are with anybody."

If this sounds familiar, it should. Willie Anderson has three years remaining on a five-year contract extension he signed prior to the 2006 season. Anderson, before training camp and through it, was also battling "physical things." In the end, the Bengals blind-sided Willie asking him to take a cut on his contract. The Bengals cut him soon afterwards.

Now, knowing that the scenario has appeared before, with an aging tackle and years left on his contract battling injuries to be cut, does this hint that Jones is on his way out?