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49ers hire Jimmy Raye as offensive coordinator; fool's hope shimmering hope

Adam Schefter reported Thursday that San Francisco has hired an offensive coordinator. League sources told Schefter Wednesday night that the 49eres hired Jimmy Raye, who was formerly the New York Jets running back. Raye was the last person interviewed for the job, and hired that same day. This surprised Fooch who was convinced that Hue Jackson had the job.

Before Raye was hired, and interviewed, Jackson was given his second interview with the team on Wednesday.

Therefore the fool's hope remains, that the interest from Marvin Lewis is valid and not some rumor-starting jerk at the Baltimore Sun as one Baltimore native (math_geek) said in the initial break of the story: "Mike Preston has a record of making stuff up." My buzz was killed that day, but my fool's hope remains. Jackson isn't projected as a candidate for any other coordinator positions.

So far, the Buccaneers and Raiders are without offensive coordinators and this writer holds onto a fool's hope.