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Thursday Links and Notes; discipline!, breaking down tags

No matter what Marvin Lewis says, Paul Daugherty will have a problem with it.

Lewis is preaching discipline.

NFP's Andrew Brandt has a good break down of Franchise and Transition tags.

NFL confronts the impact of concussions.

Clark Judge on Hines Ward.

"Good blocker. Class player. Physical player," said one general manager. "I want more guys like him. He's the consummate pro."

Not according to one head coach who faced Ward and the Steelers this year. In fact, he went into great detail describing how Ward would pass up head-on blocks, then circle behind his targets and drill them through the ear holes.

We agree with Peter King that ESPN's best program is NFL Matchup with Merrill Hoge and Ron Jaworski. Also agree it's absolutely stupid to put the show on at 6:30 a.m. on Super Bowl Sunday morning.

The Pro Bowl could be blocked out in Hawaii because the game isn't selling out.

This site thinks that Marvin Lewis should be fired.

Zombie's have overrun Austin, Texas (h/t: Dave from Stripe Hype)

Updating the Internet Browser war.