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A reminder about FanPosts

Since we've put out our call to writers, I wanted to emphasize that it's the readers and community that I'm striving to please. Trying to opinionate topics and issues, or simply stories that necessitates discussions.

With that in mind, I wanted to remind you guys of the "FanPosts", which are ways for you guys to express your thoughts, generating your own topics and discussions for all of us to chime in on. Typically, and if you've seen me do this before, if they're really good and well written, I'll throw them on the front page in a heart beat.

These are linked at the top, along the side, or once you click the link above, you're taken to a more discussion board (forum) format. So use that up fellas, I know some of you can chat for a long time and have awesome opinions of your own; some that's convinced this hardheaded writer to change.

Also, I'm very liberal in my views of what can be posted there. As long as it's not attacks or cursing rants, it's applicable -- and politics are included. This is about the community and not just me. (However, only the Bengals related stories go to the front page)