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Aha, projecting draft picks, some college talk, and all that jazz

The conventional wisdom with Bengals fans and the local media is that we desperately need to address the offensive line this off-season, while keeping both eyes on improving the defensive front. So what does mock for the Bengals? Michael Crabtree. It's not that we think he's lacks potential, but, yikes. After picking up two wide receivers with the team's first four picks last draft, three total, along with four receivers still under contract, we actually see no reason to draft a receiver. None, whatsoever.

Talk about a let down. The Bengals finished the season 4-11-1. The Bearcats won the Big East, but lost the Orange Bowl. The two-loss Ohio State Buckeyes lost the Fiesta Bowl in the closing seconds. Having two Ohio teams in the BCS was nice and all, but shesh, can Ohio catch a break?

Even so, the Longhorns are unlikely to finish number one in the AP, with their best shot replacing the loser in the polls after the BCS National Championship game.

"It's not their fault."
"They deserve #1 as much as anyone."

Granted, it's unfair for Utah to go undefeated and have nothing but a perfect record to show for it. Still, the BCS IS about major schools, not cinderella stories. The BCS forbids it. That's their designs. If college football wanted cinderella, then there would a playoff system. There would be a way for non-BCS conferences to make the championship game; perfect records aren't enough. Utah going undefeated is a great story, but too many people question their conference before allowing them an overbearing reception that they should be considered the #1 team in the country. Ask yourself this, could they beat Oklahoma? Florida? Texas? Maybe. Maybe not. We'll never know. If Utah isn't the primary argument for a playoff system, then there's really no point in the argument itself. Then again, there's really no point anyway. Discussions about the playoffs are routinely blown off by the big dogs of the conferences, and there's not a thing to be done.

Alex Marvez says the two biggest draft needs for the Bengals are offensive tackle, and defensive end.

For all the reasons they listed, the Bengals should address the line, not whether or not they can pick up Chris "Beanie" Wells -- who I'm hesitant of picking up simply because of durability. I see little reason to believe he'll survive a 16-game season.

Dave composes his list of "Bengals on the Bubble", which includes Chris Perry.

Jeff Chadiha lists Houshmandzadeh among his ten scenarios where veteran players will be on the move.

WDR lobbies for an indoor practice facility (as part of their manifesto) like the one the Jets recently opened which convinced Brett Favre to join.

Coaches will be on notice that their seat is warming, with possible free agent coaches Mike Shanahan, Mike Holmgren and Bill Cowher possibly waiting for new gigs... which could, but unlikely, include Tony Dungy and Bill Parcells.

Vikings defensive coordinator is a candidate for the head coaching vacancy in Denver.

Even though he plays for the Steelers, I think James Harrison is a solid pick for Defensive Player of the Year.

The economy will affect the poker industry in 2009? Who knew?

Ten reasons the Gators will beat the Sooners Thursday.

Star Wars is perhaps the best trilogy of all time, and I have no problems saying that, fully aware that hot chicks think dork isn't yet... yet. So what happens when you take James Earl Jones' dialogue in Coming to America, and implant it in his scenes in Star Wars? Aha!