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God of the Golden Arms will allow no knife to penetrate his golden arm

What's the best thing that could be learned for Bengals fans? No, not Mike Brown stepping down. No, not Bob Bratkowski getting replaced. No, not winning a playoff game. While those would be nice (boy, they would be really nice), neither of those are going to happen relatively soon -- though the optimistic Kool-aid Bengals fan in me screams that the Bengals will be far better next season than 2008.

C Trent writes that Carson Palmer will NOT need surgery on his throwing elbow during the off-season. C Trent writes that "Palmer had an MRI the last week of the season and, according to Brennan, it revealed the healing process had worked on its own and Palmer should be ready for the team's entire 2009 offseason work."

That means voluntary camps, mandatory camps, training camps, pre-season, etc. That means the God of Golden Arms will become the golden messiah for redemption, invasion and occupation in the AFC North. It means that the poor will be rich, the starving with bullies full. And it means that the apocalypse of 2012 is simply scary promotion from the conspiracy-minded.

Did I lay that on a little thick?