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Lewis: It's going to be a way different offense

Head coach Marvin Lewis says of the offense for next season: "It's going to be a way different offense." What does that even mean? Is it the schemes? The personnel? Expected successes after closing the season with a strong running game? We still don't expect anything will change in terms of the team's offensive coordinator; position coaches, maybe. So that isn't it; though we're hardly confirmation on such matters.

Test. When did Marvin Lewis say this?

Oh, we haven't handled anything very good. We're not good enough. We haven't coached anything very good. We've turned the football over too many times. We've allowed explosive plays early on defense. We haven't played good enough on third down on either side of the football. We've had receivers drop passes. We haven't run the football effectively enough. We haven't handled anything very well.

It was after the 2007 season.

Along with having his jaw all jacked up, Keith Rivers had "arthroscopic surgery to clean out an ankle" and should be ready by late March for "offseason conditioning".

Every year, Cadillac gives away a free car to the Super Bowl MVP; like Dexter Jackson in 2003, nearly everyone picked the Escalade.

The Bengals Pro Shop is giving away free #85 jerseys with a $50 purchase. The Team's Pro Shop says it's giving away both "C.Johnson" and "Ocho Cinco" variations of the "85" jersey. We've always thought that the Chad Ocho Cinco name change was a one-year gimmick. Something for a little cash, from sales to publicity. That everything would return to normalcy after the season. The "C.Johnson" might just be over stocked (because of so many "Ocho Cinco" shirts); most popular player on the team, having a terrible off-season and regular season and no one wants to buy because no one is sure where he'll be in 2009.

Isn't there ever a point in time that one should leave a story alone? I don't care if Matt Millen is on television. It doesn't affect me, one way or another. I'm not even thinking to myself, "boy, his teams didn't do so well while he was a general manager." Sometimes people whom have been controversial in their own right, should sometimes just let things go. That's not to say I don't appreciate what PFT does; they bring up interesting stories that are otherwise buried. Sometimes they stir rumors, but you have to look past that. Differentiate the two; which is easy because they usually point those out early. On this one, no. I'm not on board.

Boston College head coach Jeff Jagodzinski is likely getting fired for interviewing with the New York Jets. It's being reported that Athletic Director Gene DeFilippo was informed of Jagodzinski's interview by a reporter; not the head coach himself.