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It's definitely strange, but maybe simpler than we think

There's some speak about the fact that Chad Johnson's jersey -- both the "C.Johnson" and the "Ocho Cinco" varieties -- are being given away with purchases over $50 (and additional jerseys with higher benchmarks). It's strange, if not prophetic. We also wouldn't rule out that the #85 jersey was simply over-stocked, after the past off-season, pissing off Bengals fans with his media blitz of being disgruntled. It could also be, strangely enough, the economy; hoping that free jersey's will entice buyers to the Pro Shop. The Wall Street Journal writes:

For all the talk of slumping ticket sales and sponsorships, the most troubling scenario for the sports industry is the growing trend of team owners beset by financial problems in their principal businesses.

Based on assumed recent history, the Bengals have to be a high-risk investment, with a losing trend that will likely threaten games to go unsold in 2009. Offering free jerseys, as an incentive to purchasing merchandise, might generate some buyers. Would advertisers be hesitant to pour money into the Bengals, if the economy is recessing as badly as President-elect Barack Obama forecasts? We're not smart about such things. The economy is complex, and the Bengals aren't likely to open their books for dopes like us to analyze, justify, criticize or condemn.

All we're pointing out is that Johnson's jersey being given away with $50 or more purchases, could simply mean they're overstocked. How many people purchased "C.Johnson" jerseys when his name was Chad Ocho Cinco? How many people bought Ocho Cinco jerseys when his jersey on the field was "C.Johnson". In the end, we made the observation that the name change was a one-year gimmick simply to make some money on the side with a percentage of the jersey sales. In the end, if overstocking is the culprit for the give-away, it simply backfired.

But I'm only assuming. In the end, I agree with all parties: this is strange.