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The NFL is pretty popular, you know; a few things

The NFL is popular. No, seriously. Like, really popular. In 2008, 225 million Americans watched NFL games in 2008 (nearly 100 million more people that voted for the presidential elections), the NFL said in a press release. Of the top 15 most-watched shows this year, the NFL claimed 13; including 14 of the 15 most watched shows on cable. Ratings in the NFL far exceeded other sports' playoffs (must less their regular seasons), and 89% more people watched NFL games during prime time than any other program. You can enjoy all that stuff right here.

No Bengals player made the first, or second, All-Pro Team. If you're shocked then, well, ummm, yea.

Do people really think that Utah should be National Champions just because they went undefeated? Maybe there's something to it, though one has to remember Florida's one loss came after Ole Miss' Kentrell Lockett blocked Florida's PAT in the fourth quarter. Then again, we won't know who the best team in the country is with this current format, will we? Final USA Today poll, final AP,

Sometimes, there's just nothing else to talk about.

There's a deal on the table that could keep UC's football coach Brian Kelly through 2013. The Bearcats finished the season 17 in the coach's poll and the AP poll.

On UC recruits.

I'll be throwing these links up shortly.
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