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Numberless and nameless jerseys means the Bengals aren't taking Cleveland lightly

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+ On Wednesday, the Bengals practice in nameless and numberless jerseys.

As the team began preparing for the Browns on Wednesday, Lewis had the team out in nameless and numberless jerseys. The offense was in white and the defense was in black. Lewis said he thought of the idea Sunday night after the 23-20 win over the Steelers.

Before practice, said it was about promoting a selfless team concept and a focus on the opposition.

“It doesn’t matter what your name and number is, its football and focus on what your assignments are,” Lewis said following practice. ”It’s just where we are right now and what we have ahead of us. It’s important as we go forward.”

Whatever works, I always say. I think, however, that this team is probably the most selfless and mature as its been during the Marvin Lewis era. I have to wonder if this isn't related to making sure the Bengals don't look past the Browns this weekend in Cleveland. Ah, that's a good feeling, isn't it? Not looking past a team? Last year, we played another game called the "Wreck Your Team" game. We did it to the Eagles (Donovan was made fun of for weeks about NFL overtime rules). We did it to the Jaguars (they were the team that we scored our first win against). We did it to the Browns (shut them out). We did it to the Redskins (making playoffs impossible). That was how we had fun last year. I'm not even sure the Browns have recovered yet. This year, we're worried about trap games. It's only three games and anything can happen -- note, this is the game and the week that Palmer missed last year. So maybe I should just shut up for now.

+ I'm going to give Bleacher Report another chance because they're establishing a topic that I think would be fun (not important or even relevant) to examine, if one could manipulate the space / time continuum. Is Coles or Houshmandzadeh the better fit as the team's number two receiver. Let me preface this by saying, yes, I'm very well aware that Houshmandzadeh is gone, therefore making the topic generally pointless. But the question is asked, because I asked it. Throw all of that crap Houshmandzadeh puked out in the offseason about Cincinnati being star struck with rich people. Or boycotting Madden '10 because his ratings weren't among the best NFC receivers. Or whatever he's doing with Chicago Bears general manager, Jerry Angelo. If it's easier, think of Houshmandzadeh in 2008. And don't think of Andre Caldwell. This is about one departing player and one arrival.

Here's the question. Did Coles replace Houshmandzadeh?

Moving on.

Chad Ochocinco isn't sure what he's going to do when he scores a touchdown. "I really haven't thought about it. Right now, my focus is just making sure we get the 'W' this week. As we continue to win, the fun will continue to creep back in."

This is an encouraging headline to read: "Bengals tempering their optimism with some caution against the Browns."

Andre Caldwell is not flashy at all.

Two lockers down, receiver Andre Caldwell stores his stuff. No list, no bling, no fancy thing. He's got two rosaries hanging around his neck as he stops to chat. He's wearing ordinary gym shoes, jeans and a sleeveless shirt that shows off his tattoos, including the face of Jesus on his left biceps.

Ego? Left that at the door.

"I just put mine aside and focus more on this team than me," Caldwell said.

Who Dey Fans remembers what happened in 2007.

Wednesday's press conferences: Marvin Lewis transcript | Carson Palmer transcript

The Cincinnati Bengals offense "might not have the type of team that can zip past anybody. The 2009 Bengals seem more likely to plow through an opponent than streak by it."

Pete Prisco says that Leon Hall and Johnathan Joseph are on their way to becoming one of the league's best cornerback duo.

After beating the Steelers last Sunday, WDR reminds you: Mike Brown is still the owner.

Rey Maualuga and Marvin Lewis aren't counting the linebacker out Sunday after suffering a "sprained medial collateral ligament in his knee" against the Steelers. Maualuga is ranked as the 12th best rookie in the league by

MJD writes that Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer is one of five most valuable players last Sunday.

The Browns' defense since 1999 have "given up five of the Bengals’ top 13 rushing games in history to three different running backs."

Behind the Steel Curtain's Blitzburgh was impressed enough by the Bengals that he lists them as one of five teams that can win the AFC.

Interesting stat of the day: Of eight 500-yard passing games in NFL history, only three resulted in a win. And one of those three came from Boomer Esiason. Not what you think. He was with the Cardinals. And they barely won 37-34. And of the 59 attempted passes, four resulted in interception.

(The "Yea, we're getting so big we're putting Fan Posts in our Links and Notes" section)

Ochocinco is going to wear pink gloves, cleats and mouth piece. Cinbengal_85, without being prompted, went into a preemptive defense of Chad.

I think everyone should take a look at Bearman Cartoon's recent work on the Bengals. The doctor's office was, oh, so right.

Mojokong recaps the Steelers win.