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Second Half Game Thread: Cincinnati Bengals (3-1) 3 at Baltimore Ravens 7 (3-1)

So far, the Bengals have essentially moved the ball at will. Carson is 9/16 for 174, and Cedric has 15 carries for 58 yards and a 4 yard per carry average. They've already rushed for more yards against Baltimore's D than they have given up per game all year.

Mistakes and turnovers are what have kept Baltimore in the game. The Ravens have moved the ball well only once on offense, and have a defensive touchdown. Chad Johnson lost a fumble deep in Ravens' territory after a big catch, and Carson threw a bad pick into the teeth of an overload blitz that Ed Reed read the whole way.

That said, we've dominated most phases of this game. We're -1 in the turnover column thanks to a bad call that said Mark Clayton did not  fumble, when the ball clearly looked to be shuffling before the receiver's knee was down. Let's hope we  get the turnovers in check in the second half and finish some drives. We've already showed that we belong in Baltimore, and we're leading time of possession 18:23 to 11:27, outgained the Ravens 230 to 113 in the first half, and have kept the Baltimor running game in check.

Should be a great second half.