My Mid Week Rant + TJ Who's Comments About The Bengals

Brad St. Louis

Well for most of us at CincyJungle and in Bengal land this is a great day, Brad St Louis has been cut. In my opinion this should've already happened and for those who thought he should stay you must not want the Bengals to win. Brad had his chance to redeem himself several times, he was warned by the Bengals when they brought in snappers for workouts and he still didn't come thru. So what makes you think after five weeks of terrible work that it was going to get any better? Snaps and extra points should be automatic like the 31 other NFL teams, including the Rams, Lions, Chiefs, etc.... I saw some of you wanted him to stay but none of you have given a good reason for that, because he was good for ten years? Well he may have been good then but this is now and he is not good now, and he's costing us points that's what matters. The NFL is a what have you done for me lately league.

Daniel Coats

Please, please, please dont throw this guy the ball!!! He has a nack for getting wide open but he can't catch a wide open pass. I believe he has dropped three wide open touchdown passes if i'm not mistaken, and if he does catch one and a defender breaths on him he fumbles. He is a good blocker, but if we are throwing to a tight end throw to Fosci or activate Coffman for certain packages.

T.J. Who's Comments on Sirius Radio about the Bengals being 4-1

“No, I’m not shocked. They have a lot of good players in Cincinnati. They’ve got players on that team that are really, really good,” he said on the air. “I am not shocked at all and I told somebody yesterday, you know what is weird when I left the Bengals, I wanted to stay, but I had to go. And there was something in me like, man I wanted them to lose every game.

“And it’s almost like you get a divorce from your wife. You really don’t want to be with her but you see her with another dude and you’re like, ahhhh. And it really doesn’t bother you, but it kind of does and then you finally get over it. So you know what? I want them to do well. Carson is my boy. Chad  is my boy. I’ve got a lot of boys on that team and I want them to do well and I’m happy they are doing well. I really am. But, initially, I didn’t want them to do well and I don’t know why that was the case.”

A few interesting stats:

Rushing:                      ATT.         Yards       Avg.       Long        TD

Cedric Benson           111            487           4.4          28             3

Carson Palmer           12              42             3.5          15             1

Bernard Scott               10             45             4.5           16             0

Passing:                      ATT          Comp        Yards     TD      INT     Sacked

Carson Palmer            168           97             1,116       7         6         10

Kick Return:              Returns    Yards       Avg.       Long     TD

Andre Caldwell            17               346          20.4       39          0

Bernard Scott               2                  55            27.5       28         0

INT'S                         INT            Yards        Long          TD

Jon Joseph              3                  83              32              1

Leon Hall                  1                  0                0                0

Defense:                Tackle       Solo     Sack      Forced Fumble

Chris Crocker                26         22         0              0

Dhani Jones                  28         22         1              0

Keith Rivers                   29         19         0              0

Roy L. Williams             28         19         0             0

Antwan Odom               19         18          8             0

Leon Hall                       20         16          0             1

Rey Maualuga              27          15         1              2                            

Chinedum Ndukwe    16          15          1             0

Robert Geathers         16          9            1             0

Domata Peko              13          8            0             0

Michael Johnson        9             6            0            0

Jonathan Fanene       6            5            1             0

Tank Johnson             5            1            0             0

Tom Nelson                1            1            0             0

Rey Maualuga and Cedric Benson at Dickman's for Bengals line


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