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Sponsored Post: Cincy Jungle joins NFL Mobile Live on Sprint

This is a sponsored post. Mind you, I came from a very old group now called the Mythical Group of Elders that Used Brick-sized Cell Phones that's hasn't been "in" since the Reagan administration. Because it weighed more than a Fatburger, I dropped it so many times that I swore I heard the cell phone once say, "nice to see you again, old friend" to the sidewalk. So it was durable. But as time went on, I was missing out on other features. Like a display screen.

SB Nation and Sprint formed a partnership -- obviously feeling sorry for the Mythical Group of Elders that Used Brick-sized Cell Phones Holders -- in which Cincy Jungle's content is now apart of the NFL's Mobile Live Application. Sprint shipped the new Palm Pre to all SB Nation bloggers for us to check out. The first thing I noticed, as I graduated out of the Mythical Group of Elders that Used Brick-sized Cell Phones, is the touchable display screen. You can have windows, throw 'em to the left, to the right and if you want to get rid of it, throw it up hold down the window and toss it up. If you want to listen to the radio, you can. My Dave Matthews Band addiction is now on the go. How cool is that?

The best part, not to say playing with the touch screen wasn't absolute fun, was the NFL Live Mobile application. There, you can get instant news, as well as SB Nation's football content. Along with that, you can watch NFL Network live, watch highlights and segments. You can get live scores, live audio feeds of every NFL game, alerts and news of your favorite teams. Since I don't have NFL Network with Time Warner, I sat on the couch, watched NFL Network's morning show for the first time in my life. I've never been able to watch NFL Network before and I can see and understand the hype.

And before you say that Cincy Jungle sold out by writing sponsored posts, know this. I have a new phone, NFL Network and now Cincy Jungle is apart of the NFL Mobile Live Application.

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