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Rankings and Picks for Week Six

I'm not one that often does NFL-specific subjects, outside of our 4-1 Cincinnati Bengals. Oh, that sounds good. Our, 4-1 Cincinnati Bengals. Each week we're asked to provide our own Power Picks to SB Nation. Then they combine all of the bloggers rankings and sort them out in some complicated formula (like adding them and dividing them) to come out with the ranking. Take note, I ranked the Bengals, last week, eighth overall. However, when complicated formula was applied to the other 31 bloggers rankings, we were listed as 14th in the SB Nation Power Rankings for Week 5. I'm sure a win over the Ravens will help us somewhat.

Below the jump I list the rankings I gave, as well as my winners for the week -- would have liked to wait a while, but someone mentioned something called a deadline. And Wiki says that a deadline is "narrow field of time that some sort of objective or task must be accomplished by." Bloggers. Deadlines. What has this world come to?

Here's the objective. The following is my rankings. You can debate (friendly, of course) my rankings and selections or make your own.

1 Indianapolis Colts 17 Miami Dolphins
2 Minnesota Vikings 18 Houston Texans
3 New York Giants 19 Green Bay Packers
4 New Orleans Saints 20 Jacksonville Jaguars
5 Denver Broncos 21 San Diego Chargers
6 Cincinnati Bengals 22 Seattle Seahawks
7 Philadelphia Eagles 23 Washington Redskins
8 Chicago Bears 24 Tennessee Titans
9 Atlanta Falcons 25 Carolina Panthers
10 Baltimore Ravens 26 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
11 New York Jets 27 Detroit Lions
12 San Francisco 49ers 28 Cleveland Browns
13 New England Patriots 29 Buffalo Bills
14 Pittsburgh Steelers 30 Kansas City Chiefs
15 Dallas Cowboys 31 Oakland Raiders
16 Arizona Cardinals 32 St. Louis Rams


Game Winner
Houston @ Cincinnati Cincinnati (d'uh)
Detroit @ Green Bay Green Bay
St. Louis @ Jacksonville Jacksonville
Baltimore @ Minnesota Minnesota
NY Giants @ New Orleans New York Giants
Cleveland @ Pittsburgh Pittsburgh
Carolina @ Tampa Bay Tampa Bay
Kansas City @ Washington Kansas City
Philadelphia @ Oakland Philadelphia
Arizona @ Seattle Seattle
Tennessee @ New England New England
Buffalo @ NY Jets New York Jets
Chicago @ Atlanta Atlanta
Denver @ San Diego San Diego