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Cardiac Cats tee-shirts; Bengals keep improving in the rankings

First things first. I created a Fan Post at Battle Red Blog (Houston Texans blog) that introduces myself and asks their community if they have any questions that they may have about the Cincinnati Bengals. Any one of you are more than welcome to help out, bringing your perspective about the Bengals. I do advise one thing. Be on your best behavior. You don't just represent the Cincinnati Bengals fan base, but you also represent Cincy Jungle. How do you like that? I just went all high school teacher on your asses. My bad.

You knew they were coming. Smack Apparel has Cardiac Cats tee-shirts (h/t Bengals Gab)

Don Banks ranks the Bengals eighth. ESPN ranks them 6th.

James Walker likes Cedric Benson and Mike Zimmer. Then he takes it to the masses who laughed at him when he said the Bengals were the surprise team of the year.

WDR is happy tickets aren't selling at the pace of a sellout. In fact, they reiterate their original message.

While the Bengals are gaining respect, they don't have the respect many other teams have because of the team's history. I can understand that point of view.