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UPDATED: Chad Ochocinco and Motorola help to end blackout, Sunday's game sold out. Now with more ways to get free tickets!

As if he needed to do any more to solidify his place among our collective hearts after last year, Chad Ochocinco just tweeted that he and Motorola have teamed up and bought the remaining tickets for Sunday's game to end the possibility of a blackout. 

See it here at his Twitter account.  Chad. Is. Awesome.

UPDATE: Joe Reedy tweets that he just got off the phone with the Bengals ticket office.  Chad and Motorola bought some, not all.  Still working with other businesses to close the gap. 

UPDATE #2: C. Trent weighs in.  Says there will be no official word for a couple of hours, but it looks like it'll happen.  I'm assuming he means it looks like the blackout will be lifted. 

UPDATE #3: Both Reedy and C. Trent (just click the two prior links, how 'bout it) are saying the announcement should come at four.  C. Trent says that the blackout will be lifted, due in large part to Chad. 

UPDATE #4: Reedy tweets that Local 12 says the team contacted them.  The game's a sellout. 

UPDATE #5: More Reedy Tweets

"Looks like the game will be on local TV, just awaiting the details on who stepped up to buy what Bengals."

"According to Local 12, the team has informed the station that the game is a sellout"

UPDATE #6:  Should be my last update on this one today.  If you want free tickets go to Paul Brown Stadium's North ticket office tomorrow.  The 1,200 tickets (600 pairs) that Chad bought will be given away starting at 11:30. 

Be there early enough to be one of the first six hundred people in line and you've got yourself a free pair of tickets to Sunday's game courtesy of Chad Ochocinco and Motorola.  This information also came from the twitter accounts of Joe Reedy and C. Trent Rosecrans.