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Cedric Benson wins FedEx Ground Player of the Week; comparing his season to Rudi Johnson's franchise-setting season in 2005

One could argue that Cedric Benson won the FedEx Ground Player of the Week award because he did it against a team that hadn't allowed a 100-yard rusher in 39 straight games. With 27 carries, Cedric Benson recorded 120 yards rushing and a 28-yard touchdown. The touchdown, in the closing minutes of the third quarter, gave the Bengals a 10-7 lead over a heavily favored opponent. In Baltimore, no less.

Benson, the NFL leading rusher, has recorded two 100-yard rushing performances this season, three touchdowns with a season-average of 4.4 yards-per-rush. In five games this year, Benson hasn't recorded less than 74 yards rushing, and fell below 4.0 yards-per-rush in one game (Denver). Rudi Johnson holds the franchise record for most yards rushing in a season, rushing for 1,458 on 337 attempts and 12 touchdowns in 2005. Below, we compare Rudi Johnson's franchise setting season to Cedric Benson's season this year.

  Cedric Benson (2009) Rudi Johnson (2005)
Yards 487 464
Carries 111 110
Touchdowns 3 5
Yards/Rush 4.4 4.2