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Post-game Open Thread: Bengals letdown against the Houston Texans 28-17

Cincinnati's offense and defense simply died at half time. Neither unit came out in the second half with any mind to win this football game. Receivers dropped passes. Fumbles and three-and-outs killed the Bengals while the defense, playing a majority of the entire half, allowed chunks of yards to the Texans offense. Matt Schaub threw for 392 yards and four touchdowns. Steve Slaton recorded 147 yards total, including 102 yards receiving.

The Bengals made an effort for a comeback but with it far too late. With so little time remaining, there was just too much of a need to throw risky passes. And Palmer threw a risky pass on the first play after the two minute warning, throwing the football over the middle with two defenders underneath. The rookie Brian Cushing intercepted the football ending the football game and the Bengals four-game winning streak. As a team, the Texans recorded over 470 yards total while the Bengals broke the 250 total yards barrier with the closing minutes in the fourth quarter.

Was this a let-down game? Was it that the Texans were simply a better team?