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Cincinnati Bengals Links and Notes: Monday 10/19

Antwan Odom is done for the year and Domata Peko was injured. Tank Johnson's been hurt. Leon Hall apparently is NOT the best cornerback in the league, and our tight ends have fumblitis. But we're still atop the division, 4-2 and leading in the tiebeaking categories. My hypothesis? We don't like being favorites. I don't think Marvin's track record is so hot when the Bengals are actually Vegas's choice to win football games. Anyway, here's some of the hate from around the net. I'm kinda busy, so this will be abbreviated.

  • Walker Texas Blogger recapped the game. Nothing remarkable, but you get the Countdown Daily video, too.
  • Reedy says: Comeback was too little, too late. Collapsed in the second half. Nothing we didn't talk about here, already. We already know why we lost. Playcalling, drops, penalties, injuries, execution. None of those 5 factors went our way.
  • Doc says: No heart attacks this weekend. Just bad play. This was a "proverbial trap game," says Doc. Good luck selling out any more home games not against Chicago or Cleveland this year after that debacle.
  • CNati staff report: Screens kill Bengals. Apparently, contrary to my sentiment (having not watched the game) Leon Hall did a good job on Johnson when they were matched up. Seemed to me like Hall had a lot of tackles, meaning he gave up a lot of catches. Still, very interesting list of notes and things to think about from the game. Also from CNati, and also something we all talked about - Drops were a big problem. I love Dan Coats?

Look for Peter King's MMQB. It'll say something like "the Bengals tricked us. They're a typical Bungle team." I think we've lost all credibility in the eyes of the National media this week, and I think we'll see that in the form of a vendetta against us, since these national hot-shot writers probably think we made them look dumb.

Sorry for the brevity today, Jungle. Go Bengals.