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Vote for your Cincinnati Bengals at the first ever Pro Football Hall of Fame Fan's Choice Poll

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This is a sponsored post. What is the one thing that Cincinnati Bengals fans get up in arms about the most? Well, other than the front office. That's right, the Pro Football Hall of Fame, where guys like Boomer Esiason, Kenny Anderson, Max Montoya and Ken Riley are still outside looking in. These guys, in many cases, were just as good as many of those enshrined during the same era in which they played, and often, at the disadvantage of not sporting a Super Bowl ring.

JCP Penny and Van Heusen have joined with the Pro Football Hall of Fame to conduct the first ever Fan's Choice poll. The results won't have an impact on the overall Hall of Fame voting, but the results will be revealed on the NFL Network hours before the real vote. Boomer Esiason, Ken Anderson and Max Montoya are eligible.

What better way to show support with a voice about the injustice of veteran Bengals players who deserve to be in the Hall of Fame? Go and vote today.