Did the Bengals inquire about a TE?

Did an NFL team ask the Dallas Cowboys to consider a trade for Martellus Bennett? Bennett drafted in 2008, fell into the second round because of his 2008 scouting combine performance. During Bennett's first season as a Cowboy, he appeared on Hard Knocks, often being ridden as slow, lazy, and behind the curve.

ESPN's Chris Mortensen, if you can trust this as a source, claims the Bengals were the team to make an offer for Bennett. Jerry Jones won't even comment on which player an offer was received for, much less on the identity of the team making the offer.

Bennett is more known around the Cowboys locker room for things he says or does off the field than on the field. From talking smack, pranking, joking, or being fined for a rap video he posted on youtube. The Cowboys fined and forced Bennett to remove the rap video from youtube . That fine didn't slow Bennett down, he later posted another video on youtube which also caused another stir among some minority groups. If the Bengals really tried to acquire Bennett, it begs an answer to three questions.

What's wrong with Chase Coffman? Would the Bengals really want an under performing rookie TE that got reamed on HardKnocks 2008 to replace an under performing rookie TE that got reamed on HardKnocks 2009.

Are the league's rosters so depleted at TE, that a questionable character with questionable talent is the only answer available for the Bengals?

Is there any validity to this rumor? Consider the first two questions, it might draw a murky conclusion. It could also suggest what most Bengals fans already know. The National media seems aware of the issue too.

The Bengals need a starting TE and Coffman apparently isn't the answer in 2009. Which could have left Mike Brown and his coaches feeling desperate enough to attempt a trade, any trade, for a TE.

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