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CJ says welcome back Chickster; the Ochocinco iPhone app

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First things, first. Former Dayton Daily News beat writer Chick Ludwig has resurfaced with the Cincinnati Enquirer as a blogger for the Bengals. Ludwig has always been a favorite of CJ for his willingness to opine a subject, as well as ask, sometimes repeatedly, questions that might not be the most popular questions with head coach Marvin Lewis. CJ gives a hearty re-welcoming for The Chickster.

Chad Ochocinco has an iPhone app you can use for $4.99. Do you even need to take a guess on what his app is about? The proceeds will go, in part, to paying the $10,000 find Chad was handed after wearing a black chin strap against the Texans.

Mike Zimmer doesn't think the defense is very good because of a combination of missed tackles and plays that go longer than 20 yards (which the Bengals have given up more than any other NFL team).

Andre Smith finally got in some contact work on Thursday.

Roy Williams is struggling to recover from his forearm injury he suffered earlier in the year.

“My arm is sore. I’m on a day by day basis as far as what happens,” Williams said.

 When asked if the arm could feel pain free as quickly as tomorrow, he said: “I don’t know. I haven’t woke up yet without hurting. I wish it was that easy. When I come back, I’ll be playing with pain.”

Jay Cutler, John Erardi writes, is the key for the Bears, mostly because of injuries on defense.

James Walker has the interesting note of the day. Vikings running back Adrian Peterson has rushed for 323 yards in two games against the AFC North. In the other four games against the NFC, Peterson has rushed for 301 yards.

Rey Maualuga is 14th in's NFL Rookie Ranking.

Do you think Palmer was onto something about the violent hits in the NFL eventually leading to a death on the football field? The NFL is upping the ante.

Is this weekend's game between the Patriots and Buccaneers in London why the NFL is losing international buzz?