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The bye-week primer is loaded with updated goodiness

With the bye week, there will be an absence of certain postings, such as the injury report and the primer. However, that won't stop us from our curiosity of updated team and player rankings, does it? We have to see where we fall after last week in which the offense played great and the defense played better. So, in the interest of statistical glory, I updated rankings with the team and our triumvirate of awesomeness in Carson Palmer, Cedric Benson and Chad Ochocinco. I did the team rankings a bit differently. Instead of comparing the Bengals to the team they're facing, I compared them to the league leaders of that statistical category.



Offense Bengals Leaders
Total 345.9 (14th) 427.3 (Saints)
Scoring 23.3 (15th) 39.7 (Saints)
Third Downs 42% (13th) 53.7% (Dolphins)
Passing 218.1 (19th) 310.8 (Colts)
Passing TDs 13 (t-5th) 16 (Texans)
Rushing 127.7 (9th) 184.9 (Jets)
Rushing TDs 6 (t-12th) 12 (Dolphins/Saints)
Defense Bengals Leaders
Total 341.3 (20th) 262.0 (Giants)
Scoring 18.3 (9th) 11 (Broncos)
Passing 253.3 (28th) 149.7 (Panthers)
Passing TDs 10 (t-20th) 2 (Colts)
Rushing 88.0 (5th) 67.5 (Cardinals)
Rushing TDs 3 (t-6th) 1 - (Patriots)
Sacks 17 (t-6th) 24 (Vikings)
QB Rating 85.8 (18th) 54.6 (Saints)
20-Yard Passes Allowed 26 (31st) 8 (Colts)
Interceptions 8 (t-5th) 13 (Bills/Saints)
Special Teams Bengals Leaders
Kickoff Return 20.0 (29th) 28.1 (Buccaneers)
Punt Return 13.1 (4th) 16.4 (Browns)
Punting (Net) 37.3 (21st) 45.0 (Raiders)
Punts Inside the 20 12 (t-10th) 25 (Browns)


Carson Palmer Stat Ranking
Quarterback Rating 89.2 15th
Yards Passing 1,608 13th
Touchdowns 13 5th
First Downs 81 t-8th
Average Yards/Att 7.1 t-15th
Completions 140 8th
Interceptions 7 t-27th
Times Sacked 11 t-17th
Cedric Benson Stat Ranking
Yards Rushing 720 1st
Attempts / Game 23.4 1st
Touchdowns 5 t-6th
First Downs 31 2nd
Chad Ochocinco Stat Ranking
Receptions 39 4th
Yards Receiving 573 t-7th
20-yard receptions 9 t-3rd
First Downs 31 2nd