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Plenty of tickets available against the Ravens; Bengals offering four-pack ticket packages

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The Bengals nearly didn't sell out their season opener against the Denver Broncos. Kroger and Channel 12 bought up the remaining tickets so those inside the Cincinnati market could watch the game. We wrote at the time that the Bengals must win the fans trust so the remaining home games sell out. The Steelers game sold out quickly, which is always the case with Steelers fans picking up where Bengals fans left off. The game against the Bears was another quick sellout. Proudly, the Bengals won both home games. On the other hand, at one point, selling out against the Houston Texans appeared unlikely, if not impossible. Motorola and Chad Ochocinco bought the remaining tickets so the game could be played inside the Cincinnati market.

With the Bengals going 5-2 into the bye week, one has to wonder how close the Bengals are to selling out the remainder of the season. Most likely, it'll be a game-by-game update. With a division powerhouse coming into town on November 8, you figure the Bengals will sell out. As of Monday, Joe Reedy writes there's still tickets available

Plenty of tickets remain for the Nov. 8 game against Baltimore at Paul Brown Stadium and that the number of seats is about the same as it was 10 days before the Denver and Houston games.

 Bengals ticket manager Andrew Brown did note though that this was the best Monday in terms of sales this year, surpassing the day after the win over Pittsburgh.

As the game draws closer, against a division powerhouse, the Bengals should sell out. The Browns come into town on November 29, which will likely invite another swarming of fan refuges; this time Browns fans in the area and near Columbus. After that, things get murky, which highly depends on the team's position for the playoffs. Playing the Lions and Chiefs to close out the regular season home schedule doesn't seem worth spending good money for. However, if the Bengals are still in the hunt for the division championship, consider these games sold out too.

To assist in their 48-game stellout streak, the Bengals are also offering a ticket package where you can buy the remaining four home games, as well as a shot at playoff tickets. They're calling it "Who-Dey Packs". Clever.