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Bengals: Over 5,000 tickets remain for Baltimore game on November 8

The Cincinnati Bengals, your Cincinnati Bengals, are 5-2, in a first place tie with the Pittsburgh Steelers with a two-game lead over the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens play the Denver Broncos this Sunday. If the Ravens beat the Broncos, the Bengals and Ravens could play for a three-way tie for first place, depending on what the Steelers do against the Broncos during the same week. After that, the Bengals and Steelers battle on November 15. Good grief, the AFC North could be a three-headed monster. And the Bengals are mixing it up, taking their pop shots. Things are good.

The next three weeks are going to make things all sorts of fun and interesting. We needed to be at 5-2 at this point just as a contingency plan in case we lost to the Ravens and Steelers. And if we do lose to both teams, we need to win as many games as we can. That, my friends, is totally a key to getting into the playoffs; you know, winning a lot of football games.

However, the Bengals announced today that there's still 5,000 tickets available when Cincinnati hosts the Baltimore Ravens. One should be worried if that game were played this Sunday. But it's not. Here's the deal. So many people ditched their season tickets that there will always be season tickets available until the last minute. Plus, there's still over ten days remaining before glorious battle commences. If Bengals fans can't afford to make November 8 a sellout, a game in which domination for the division could be fought for, perhaps the organization should really think about making it a bit more affordable for fans for awhile.