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Carson Palmer's Scramble of Win Inspires Warm Feelings

The language is a tad NSFW, but, Carson Palmer's amazingly unexpected Michael Vick-before-he-went-to-prison-like scramble not only saved the Bengals from a potential tie or loss to the Cleveland Browns, it also caused great outbreaks of man-love directed at Number 9. The lead video is a great example of no doubt all the reactions around the Bengals nation when Palmer unleashed those 15 yards of pure awesomeness.

Of his amazing display of fleet-footedness, Palmer had this to say:

"We were trying to get someone deep downfield; they just max dropped," Palmer said. "I kind of ran for the goal line. Ran for the fences. The offensive line created a big seam on the right. I just saw a big opening and I was just thinking, get the first down and put us in a field-goal situation ... I don’t want to do that again. I'll leave that to Cedric (Benson)."

The unexpected dash was a hit with teammates as well:

Moments before, Palmer had limped off the field after getting sacked on what appeared to be his sprained ankle. But after watching Palmer tie the longest run of his pro career, Whitworth said, "What else would you expect? The perfect call: Carson Palmer up the middle."

Whatever it takes, folks. Whatever it takes.  Quick question:  Who here thought 3-1 was attainable after Brandon Stokley crossed the goal line in Week 1?  

I sure didn't.