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Report: Except for Andre Smith, everyone should be available for the Baltimore Ravens

When Tank Johnson and Roy Williams didn't play against the Cleveland Browns, somehow the defense didn't feel as strong as it had throughout the season. The Browns for their credit, played great. But the Bengals were without some of their biggest bullets. Andre Caldwell suffered the most noticeable injury when he hurt his shoulder on a kickoff return. He said it's a bit banged up in a tweet after the game, but "he should be OK for Sunday."

Also Rashad Jeanty dislocated his finger against the Browns.

Lewis said the club would know more on Jeanty's status on Wednesday. Jeanty, winner of the Bengals Ed Block Courage Award last year, is playing with a 15-inch rod in his leg from a 2007 broken leg and played in every game last year despite painful plantar fascitis on the bottom of his foot.

"I don't think a broken finger is going to keep me out," he said.

Lewis did say that everyone except Andre Smith "should be available for next Sunday's AFC North showdown in Baltimore against the Ravens."