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Marvin Lewis on Brad St. Louis: "We have to take into consideration what’s best for the team"

If there were to be a goat nominated through the first quarter of the season on a team that's 3-1 and tied for the lead in the AFC North, then you have to assume it's Bengals' snapper Brad St. Louis. Joe Reedy writes that St. Louis has had "four errant snaps in three games that have led to eight missed points (two field goals, two extra points)."

Marvin Lewis did comment on St. Louis Monday.

“Well, we have to take into consideration what’s best for the team. I’ll continue to say those same things on this subject,” Lewis said. “I’m comfortable that we need to do better. I’m confident in that, and we’re going to leave it at that.”

That's how you sidestep a question.

I also believe that an argument could be made that both blocked kicks against the Cleveland Browns could be blamed just as much on Shayne Graham as St. Louis. Both snaps were wild, but Kevin Huber did a good job catching the football and setting it up. Both blocked kicks were incredibly low and easily blocked, mostly because the delicate timing of the snap, hold and kick were thrown off.

I'm not letting St. Louis off the hook. But Graham should be able to deal with bad snaps also, if the holder gets the football and properly sets it up. He is, after all, our franchise guy. And the franchise guy can't require that every play be perfect or we're not seeing the last of our low field goal attempts get blocked.