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Carson Palmer is 6-3 when starting against Baltimore Ravens

It never stops at Cincy Jungle. We're a train. We chug. We cho-cho. It's an effort to get you, the reader, from doing what really matters. You know, like working. What's better than working? Reading and talking on Cincy Jungle, of course. Now we're through with the Cleveland Browns, we can hit the final stretch of our three-game intra-division gauntlet. So far, we've passed (barely). Now, the Bengals take on a team that I've considered to be the best in the NFL. Then again, I made that conclusion while the Ravens were pounding the Browns into submission.

We'll be talking to Baltimore Beatdown once the week unfolds. I did read this piece from Ravens Examiner Tony Wisniewski, who writes that the Ravens don't have anything close to the defense they've had. Especially this bit:

3.  The Ravens' secondary is not as good without Jim Leonhard.  Ed Reed can't roam free to make plays, simply because Dawan Landry is a liability in pass coverage. 

4.  Dominique Foxworth is not a shutdown corner.  And, it's quite possible that the Ravens over-paid him.  But more importantly, new defensive coordinator Greg Mattison has to do a better job working with the personnel that he has.  To leave Foxworth in single-coverage against Randy Moss is an amateur move that even experienced Madden players wouldn't do.

5.  According to many major media outlets, via the power rankings, the Ravens entered New England as the top-ranked team in the NFL.  Today, they have dropped to somewhere in the range of fourth-seventh.  The media assumed that the Ravens still boasted an elite defense to go along with all-of-a-sudden potent offense.  But that's an oversight by the realm of national media.  Most analysts do not watch the Ravens week in an week out.  The truth is, the Ravens defense is outstanding against the run, but awful against the pass.  Partly because of the secondary, partly because of bad play-calls, mostly because of the lack of pass-rush from the defensive line.

While the Ravens have looked pretty good this year, I admit, that I'm feeling a little more comfortable playing the Ravens than I did the Steelers two weeks ago. And I don't know why. The Bengals have always seemed to match up well against the Ravens, especially Carson Palmer.

Game   Date Loc. Comp Att Yards TDs Int
9 L, 10-17 9/7/08 Away 9 24 94 0 1
8 W, 21-7 11/11/07 Away 23 34 271 0 0
7 W, 27-20 9/10/07 Home 20 32 194 2 0
6 W, 13-7 11/30/06 Home 21 32 234 1 0
5 L, 20-26 11/5/06 Away 12 26 194 1 2
4 W, 42-29 11/27/05 Home 22 30 302 3 1
3 W, 21-9 11/6/05 Away 19 26 248 2 0
2 W, 27-26 12/5/04 Away 29 36 382 3 1
1 W, 9-23 9/26/04 Home 25 52 316 0 3
        180 292 2,235 12 8

So how do you guys feel about the Bengals heading into the game against Baltimore? Good? Terrified? Confident? Freaking out?