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Brad St. Louis losing his job security; Bengals bring in long snapper Nathan Hodel for a visit

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Now that eight points were lost on the board, arguably, because of bad snaps this year, the Bengals finally started thawing the do-no-right-be-can't-get-fired file. Even though Brad St. Louis has been with the team before the Marvin Lewis era, the career long-snapper's job security is quickly dwindling. Joe Reedy writes:

It appears that Brad St. Louis has held on to the long snapper job for another week even though the team did bring in Nathan Hodel for a visit.

Other options that the Bengals might consider are JP Darche and Bryan Pittman. Darche spent last season with Kansas City while Pittman, who is supposed to have a tryout with San Diego this week, was with Houston. The Bengals did have college free agent James Smith in during minicamp, but it would be highly doubtful that they would replace a 10-year veteran with a rookie.

Hodel has played in every game with the Arizona Cardinals, dating back to 2002 until this year. In March, the Patriots signed Hodel before cutting him on August 31 (aka, football's versions of the company layout day).