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Cincinnati Bengals Links and Notes: Wednesday 10/7

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Practice is back in full session as the Bengals prepare to travel to Baltimore to take on the Ravens this weekend. In what should be a premier game in the NFL this week, first-place AFC North titans will clash in an intriguing matchup on both sides of the ball. Hopefully Bobby Brat watched New England exploit Baltimore's defense: a healthy committment to the run helped keep Tom Brady on his feet and opened up the passing game. I don't think the Cincy Jungle favored approach of "passing to set up the run" will be particularly useful against a Baltimore defense that really only has one hole: Dawan Landry in coverage. Ed Reed and the front 7 do a pretty good job of disguising that, but maybe Palmer can pick on Landry enough early to back the Ravens off. Only time will tell!

Enough of my opinion, here's what the internets say: