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Sad news: Mike Zimmer loses his wife after 27 years of marriage

Sometimes we're so quickly reminded of how non-important a thing like sports is when you hear about death in any family -- and in our case, the Bengals family. The Bengals tweet this morning:

Please keep Mike Zimmer and his family in your prayers today. Mike's wife passed away last evening.

Bengals president and owner Mike Brown and head coach Marvin Lewis offered these words:

“We are stunned and saddened to learn of Vikki’s passing,” said Bengals president Mike Brown in a statement released just before the Bengals took the practice field Friday morning. “She was a warm and popular person in the Bengals family, and our immense respect and affection for Mike makes this especially hard. Our hearts are out to Mike and his family.”

“Mike is part of our Bengals family, and we’ll support him in every way we can,” said Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis. “We will dearly miss Vikki. She was a friend to all of us, and a big supporter of Mike’s players. Her thoughtfulness to them in so many ways will also be greatly missed.”