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It's dangerous when writers write about fantasy football when they don't know a thing about fantasy football

Kirkendall would have a better job finding Manbearpig for Al Gore than he would predicting Fantasy Football.

Every Friday we're asked to give a quick preview of our team for a Fantasy Football perspective for our SB Nation Fantasy page. This is one of those deals that I have to leave my heart at the front door and think logically. Well, as much as one can think logically when they absolutely stink at Fantasy Football (see, Kirkendall's Team, Flea Flicker). Unfortunately, I quickly came to the conclusion that if you're starting Bengals players against the Ravens (like Carson Palmer for me), it might not go so well. Our main guys (which I went into detail below), haven't had a good measure of individual success against Baltimore. Furthermore, our offense isn't setting the fantasy football world on fire. Here is that review.

Carson Palmer – In his past eight starts, Palmer hasn’t thrown for over 300 yards passing and he’s recorded multiple scores in only three of those games. If you time travel further back to Palmer’s last 14 starts, he’s thrown for over 300 yards once with multiple touchdown passes in five; ironically, he’s been shutout in five games. Even though the Bengals have beaten Baltimore in three of his past four starts, Palmer is averaging less than a touchdown per game. If you have a better option, take it. Palmer will just win the football game, not the fantasy football leaderboard.

Cedric Benson – Dating back to December 12, 2008, Cedric Benson has led the NFL with 649 yards rushing on 147 attempts. During that six game stretch, Benson has recorded only three rushing touchdowns; two of them coming through the first four games this season. Aside from his 141-yard rushing performance against the Green bay Packers, Benson is averaging roughly 18 carries for 75 yards rushing. Futhermore, the Baltimore Ravens haven’t given up a 100-yard rusher for 39 straight games – longest active streak in the NFL.

Chad Ochocinco – The date is December 5, 2004. This is the last time that Chad Ochocinco recorded 100 yards or more receiving against the Baltimore Ravens. Eight games have passed and he’s only scored twice since. But it’s not like he’s struggled. He’s recorded more than 80 yards receiving in four of those games and even topped 90 yards twice. Still, it would seem unlikely that Chad breaks out against Baltimore, considering that Chad has recorded eight receptions for 78 yards in his past two games combined.

Bengals defense – Since the Bengals only recorded two sacks against the Cleveland Browns, they’ve fallen to fourth in the NFL with 12 quarterback sacks. Johnathan Joseph recorded his second interception of the season and Robert Geathers returned a fumble 75 yards for a touchdown last week. While the Bengals are impressively strong, they’re still not opportunistic with turnovers.

As for Flea Flicker, I'm 1-3 in the Varsity league and 2-2 in the Stragglers league -- which is ironic because I missed the three quarters of that draft. Bearcatsfan3, feartheengineer, willie_beaman and tarjag1 are the only undefeated players in both of our 24-man fantasy football league. So if you guys want to gloat, talk bad about your commissioner, I suppose this is as good a time as any. Have at it.